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Bearded Nanny Goat Milk Soapin Classes

Melissa Miller

Bearded Nanny offers soap making classes. We have two different levels of classes to choose from:

1. Beginner’s Soapin Class - In this class we teach you all the basics of soap making. We equip you with all the supplies and tools you need to do the soaping process. We have many fragrances for you to choose from. 
    *Get some friends together and schedule a       Beginner’s Class or come by yourself! When you are looking to schedule a class, please provide us with 2 possible dates and we will try to make one date work with our schedule. 

2. Advanced Soapin Class - In this class we will build on the instructions from the Beginner’s Class. We will teach you how to add color, fragrances & exfoliants to your soap. Special design techniques will also be taught. In the Advanced Class we will work with you individually so as to accomplish your desired soap! 

Message us on Facebook (Bearded Nanny Goat Milk Creations) to inquire about the classes and to receive the write ups for each class.

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